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A wise man once said, "Work hard, Snuggle harder." Modern life is incredibly stressful, life as a cryptocurrency fanatic & NFT art collector is no exception.

Managing the delicate balance between a healthy sleep schedule & trips to the moon is no easy task. Maintaining a sharp mind through a effective rest cycle is the only way to survive.

The Snuggle Squad is here to help.

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Ryno Co-Founder
Rick Co-Founder & App Dev
MooGoesCow Graphic Design
Veritas Blockchain Advisor
Ryuk Community Mgt & Sec Ops


Expand your mind through guided meditations, motivational speeches, & celebrity lectures.


Safely document & store your most personal thoughts & feelings via text & voice inside an encrypted pin accessed journal.


Sooth nerves and slip into a deep state of relaxation with our unique binaural beats, nature sounds and exclusive audio tracks.


Convert your Zzzs into the most comfy sleepwear, bedding, and outerwear the world has ever seen.


Breathing & Relaxation aids clinicly proven to calm excited minds and bring about a sense of wellbeing.

The Mission

Our mission is to drive meaningful change in the world through our Sleep2Earn app, improving the sleep, quality of rest, and reducing the screen time in our users in general, rewarding our them with 'Zzzs' for being well rested and making healthy choices.

10% of all revenues (mint, royalties, merch, and in app purcahses) will be reserved for the Snuggle DAO community.

Commanded by our passionate community of Chets, The Snuggle DAO will make the world a better place.

The Snuggle Squad is a collection of 7777 of the most relaxed iguana to ever live life. They've mastered the art of rest and are here to educate everyone in the finer ways of relaxing to the max.

In a nutshell, sleep 2 earn is being rewarded for healthy sleeping habits. Our application will reward you for maintaining a schedule of rest & activitives promoting wellness such as keeping a journal, meditating, or listening to binaural beats.

Tokenomics are currently under development.

There are 7777 Chets available @ 2 SOL on the Magic Eden Launchpad.

Within a few weeks of our launchpad event, beta testing the app will be opened for holders of Chets minted or picked up on secondaries.

Hop into our Discord or send us a DM on Twitter! Our team and community is extremely active on social media.